Tangeseiki Tehnoglide ZS225X Headset ZS44/ZS56

Product information "Tangeseiki Tehnoglide ZS225X Headset ZS44/ZS56"


Zero Stack system on tapered head tube

Lightweight and strong duraluminum alloy construction

Tange Seiki original sized 4T5 Cartridge Bearing upper

Tange Seiki original sized 1.5” Cartridge bearing lower

Fully Sealed Mechanism

 Material HeightInformation
Top CoverA6061-T6Light Alloy13.7mmID 28.8mm / Pre-assembled Seal ring
Compression RingA6061-T6Light Alloy6.0mmID 28.6mm
Upper Adapter CupA6061-T6Light Alloy7.6mmInsertion 44.0 +0.1 -0/ 6.3mm depth
Lower Adapter CupA6061-T6Light Alloy12.6mmInsertion 56.0 +0.1 -0/ 10.8mm depth
Crown ConeSS41Steel4.6mmInsertion 39.74mm +- 0.25
Upper Cartridge BearingSUJ2Steel#150841/30.2/6.3
Lower Cartridge BearingSUJ2Steel#172852/40/8 

Configuration: 1-1/8" To 1.5" Tapered
S.H.I.S UPPER: ZS44/28.6
S.H.I.S LOWER: ZS56/44

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