Reaction Cable System - Road(Shimano/SRAM)

Product information "Reaction Cable System - Road(Shimano/SRAM)"
 – The first truly compressionless brake housing; boosts braking power from rim brakes and mechanical discs

– The Universal Kit includes both shifter and brake cables and cables are double ended. Both shifter and brake housing are jet-Lubed END2END for smoother cable action.

– Tightly wound, low stretch stainless steel cables

– Shift cables have heads for Shimano/SRAM

– Brake cables have heads for Shimano/SRAM Road

(For Campy brakes you would need to supply your own cables or just buy the Campy Universal Reaction kit)

– Available in smoke, black, red, white, and gold

RapidWire Brake Housing:
- 5mm x 3500mm - 1

Stainless Steel Brake Wire
- 1.6mm x 1350mm - 1
- 1.6mm x 2750mm - 1

Step Down Alloy End Caps (brake) - 4

Shifter Housing
- 4mm x 3000mm - 1

Stainless Shift Wire
- 1.2mm x 2100mm - 2

4mm Plastic End Caps (shifter) - 6

Cable End Tips - 4

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