CYCLUS TOOLS digital micrometer | 0 - 25 mm. 0.001 mm
 CYCLUS TOOLS digital micrometer spoke measuring guage.Measures from 0 - 25 mmAccurate to 0,001 mm (1/1000 of a mm)An external micrometer is an instrument for very accurate measurement (to 0.001 mm) in the micro-millimeter range.This gauge is designed for accurately measuring spoke thickness, so is the best means for measuring the outside spoke thread diameter in order to achieve the best results with the thread rolling machine Gen. 4 Art.No: 720365.

CYCLUS TOOLS hanging scale digital
CYCLUS TOOLS hanging scaleWell equipped digital hanging scale with high precision sensor and high capability to ensure weighing accuracy.    capacity: (min/max): 20g - 50kg, (accuracy: a tolerance of 5g allowed from 20g to 10kg, a tolerance from 10g allowed from 10kg to 50kg),    tare function, useful when adding the weight of components to a bicycle being weighed.    power saving, auto off after 120 sec,    required batteries: AAA (not included),    rubber coated hanger for conveniently holding and weighing bicycles.

CYCLUS TOOLS magnetic collector for small parts, stainless steel, round
CYCLUS TOOLS magnetic parts dish. 15cm diameter.Handy stainless steel collector dish for keeping small parts while you work.Magnetic base, so will stay in place on most metal work stands and keep most commonly used bike part components secure while you work on a bicycle.

CYCLUS TOOLS rim repair tool, for pulling out dents
CYCLUS TOOLS rim repair tool, for pulling out dents1. Remove tires and tubes from wheel before using this tool.It may also be necessary to loosen or remove spokes in the damaged area of the wheel.2. Turn the tool in such a way that the depresson (dent) in the rim to be removed is in line with the spindle.

CYCLUS TOOLS rim repair tool, for pushing out dents
Before using the rim repair tool it may be necessary to loosen or remove individual spokes at the point to be repaired. 1. Place the tool at the location of the height impact to be removed (depression in the rim) between the hub body and the inside of the rim. 2. Now, by turning the spindle with the enclosed toggle, push out on the the depression in the rim.

CYCLUS TOOLS spoke measuring ruler? exact determination of spoke lengths in milimeters / inches (Spiechenlange)? bore from 1/8" to 1/4" for measuring length of spokes of different ball sizes? gauge for determination of spoke diameters (Speichendurchmesser)? Additional function: holes for measurement of spoke ball sizes (Kugelmass)

CYCLUS TOOLS tabletop scale digital (w/o battery)
CYCLUS TOOLS tabletop scaleWell equipped digital scale with high precision sensor and high capability to ensure weighing accuracy.    capacity (min/max): 1g - 3000g    tare function    power saving, auto power off    required batteries CR2032 (not included)

CYCLUS TOOLS vernier caliper, digital
CYCLUS TOOLS digital vernier caliper guage. Features:  measures in metric or imperial units (mm´s or inches), calibrates to zero at any point on the slide with a simple button push, measures outside or inside jaws, plus has a depth probe feature, auto off switch, 2 batteries included (one spare) 2 batteries included (one spare), delivered in black padded plastic case

CYCLUS TOOLS wheel dishing tool 24" - 29".Use this gauge to center (Dish) wheels.Unscrew the set screw until both measuring surfaces of the gauge rest on the rim flank, then turn in the set screw until the measuring surfaces lift slightly off the rim flank.Next place the gauge on the opposite side of the wheel.You can now easily see the axial symmetry of the wheel and adjust the spoke tension on the appropriate side of the wheel to centre the rim if necessary.

CYCLUS TOOLS workshop wheel truing stand, for wheel size from 24" up to 29".Professional wheel truing can only be carried out when existing rim side to side deviation, high points and side wall imperfections (dents and flat spots) can be identified.The Cyclus Tools truing stand quickly and easily enables you to do this.1) Clamp the wheel in the stand with the adjustable width arm holders.2) Screw the caliper tips in/out to the start position directly besides or under the wheel rim.3) Rotate the wheel to check lateral and radial deviation.optional accessories:    exchange kit for fat bike wheels, incl spring and calipers (art. 720081)    plastic protection cap for caliper tips (art. 720945)

A measuring tool to check horizontalness when fitting the saddle or handle bars in proper.Horizontalness in a wide face can be seen using with a ruler and such.

Hozan C-335 Wheel Alignment Gauge 18"-28"
This is a gauge that checks if the center of the overlock nut dimension of the hub and the center of the assembled rim match.Align the center bolt (A) with the lock nut on the hub, and fix the lock bolt (B) at the position where the rim is in close contact with the body. As it is, place the gauge on the other side of the rim and check the gap between the main body and the rim and hub.

Hozan C-738 Spoke Tension Meter
By controlling the spoke tension, you can assemble the correct wheel and diagnose wheel problems. A must have tool to roll out high quality boutique wheel builds. Dimensions -  185(W)×180(H)×70(D) mm Weight - 380g

Pillar Spokes Ruller with Cotter Guage

Thread Star-Rear axle thread identifier
Introducing new Pilo Thread star: Have you ever misidentified a rear axle thread pitch, and gave your client a wrong bolt, nut or derailleur hanger whilst causing yourself and your client unnecessary trouble? Pilo's Thread star is a must have professional tool for shops and mechanics.The Thread star helps you identify the correct thread pitch of the bike's rear axle, and thus assisting you in giving the best service for your clients, whilst saving you inconvenience and hassle. inspired by both celestial bodies and mechanical components the new Pilo Thread star is created with a combination of craftsmanship and ingenuity. It is slick, light and designed to be comfortably used in any situation, while looking good hanging on the shop's wall, in the drawer of the repair department or outdoors. milled out of a solid block of aluminum, the new Thread star is resistant to corrosion and erosion, ensuring the safety of the rear axle or hanger thread. The new Pilo Thread star has all the versions of the M12 rear axle thread pitches, both male and female: M12X1 M12X1.25 M12X1.5 M12X1.75 and the new and rising in popularity M12X1 Double lead (speed release). pilo's new Thread star is made for professional use and will elevate the proficiency of any mechanic and repair shop.

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