Tangeseiki Tehnoglide ZS225X Headset ZS44/EC44

Product information "Tangeseiki Tehnoglide ZS225X Headset ZS44/EC44"
 Material HeightInformation
Top CoverA6061-T6Light Alloy5.2mmID 28.8mm / Pre-assembled Seal ring
Compression RingA6061-T6Light Alloy6.0mmID 28.6mm
Upper Adapter CupA6061-T6Light Alloy7.6mmInsertion 44.0 +0.1 -0/ 6.3mm depth
Lower Adapter CupA6061-T6Light Alloy22.6mmInsertion 44.0 +0.1 -0/ 10.0mm depth
Crown ConeSS41Steel4.6mmInsertion 39.74mm +- 0.25
Upper Cartridge BearingSUJ2Steel#150841/30.2/6.3
Lower Cartridge BearingSUJ2Steel#172852/40/8 
Configuration: 1-1/8" To 1.5" Tapered
S.H.I.S UPPER: ZS44/28.6
S.H.I.S LOWER: EC44/40

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