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Product number: VTL-M0060
Manufacturer: MKS
Product information "MKS SPIN-Ⅱ"
When you add a toe clip to your pedal, it unbalances the weight distribution and points your pedal perpendicular to the ground.

If you’re using our Sylvan Touring, Stream, BM-7 or one of many other double-sided pedals you now have to attempt to spin your pedals level enough to insert your shoe (while riding) using a flat surface, which can be challenging.

The Spin II attaches (with bolts) to the rear of your double-sided pedal to add a flip. After installed simply drag your toe backwards across the part of the pedal pointing up and the Spin II will flip the pedal into the proper horizontal position.

MKS is the pedal brand of Mikashima Industrial Company Limited. The Mikashima Industrial Company was founded as an aircraft component manufacturer in 1943, converted its operations to pedal manufacturing in 1946, and was established as a limited company in 1949.

Our 70+ years of operations have been managed by the Ogino family, and is currently led by President Toshiyuki Ogino with guidance from Chairman Kohichro Ogino.

MKS has persevered when most of our competitors have failed. There was estimated to be 40 pedal manufactures in Japan in 1946, while only 2 remain today.
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